Some customers need to move a lot more freight around than others, meaning they don`t use LCL (less than container load), but FCL (full container load) shipping methods. If you have any question in regards to your FCL and the different dimensions of containers and their types, you are in good hands with us.

In our opinion it is helpful to know what type of shipping container will best suit your needs when you have to ship your cargo. Often the dimensions and maximum weight will impact on what type of equipment can be used. The guide below illustrates the major different types of shipping containers that can be used as a starting point for determining your shipping requirements.

Note:  Use this information as a guide only. Contact us if you have important questions or are insecure what type of container to use.


Container Dimensions

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Container specifications

In New Zealand there is a general 30 ton road weight limit for containers and their cargo combined (i.e. gross weight). If gross weight will exceed this amount, approval and additional permits may be required.