Imagine a product of any kind, every item has a certain life cycle – some longer than others. This life cycle starts with the manufacture and lasts until the product is thrown away. During this whole process, the item is being taken on different rides and this is where we, at Sorted, often come into play.

From the ship onto a swinglift, from the swinglift into our yard, from our yard into our warehouse and after a while onto another truck on its way to a customer. We make sure that our contribution is as sustainable as possible. During the product´s journey we try to make our best possible contribution to its life cycle by storing and packing it safely and delivering it on time. Simultaneously, we aim to be at our best to protect the environment: We eliminate waste by using smart solutions for packing and storing, reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by combining freight movements & deliveries, and use most efficient truck routes. Additionally, we educate our people to use best practices for recycling, health and safety, and energy usage.

In short, we do our best to make our contribution to a product´s life cycle a greener one.