Health and Safety – Our Health and Safety Committee constantly seeks for new initiatives and updates organisational procedures to provide and maintain a safe working environment for our staff, suppliers and customers. We are proud to say that everyone in our company knows they have a role to play in creating this environment, because at Sorted, Health and Safety is paramount. We aim to receive Tertiary ACC Accreditation by May 2017.

CO2 emissions & fuel consumption – We plan to reduce road kms travelled by trucks, using transport collaboration and making sure that only full trucks leave our yard. As a result, we aim to do 20% less journeys per road per year and being 5 times less carbon intensive by 2017, also using rail and inland shipping. Additionally, we consistently offer our drivers to participate regularly in training programmes to inform themselves and also us about new methods to be greener.

Waste disposal – Incorporated in our environmental policy and employee training, we aim to consistently educate our people about correct recycling techniques and ways to reduce paper & improve packaging standards.

Energy usage – We aim to track our annual carbon footprint by introducing benchmarks and audits to our transport department by December 2016. Additionally, we plan to work our sites more efficiently with data centre efficiency initiatives like smart temperature controls, using free cooling techniques and reduce unnecessary energy loss.

Industry collaboration – Our trusted partnerships are vital to our business and our goal of a greener workplace. Therefore we are seeking for new collaboration partners every day.