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We’re proud to say that we are a leading provider of storage and warehousing services on a local and national level, being able to offer a range of personalised services from bulk storage through to complicated pick and pack operations.

Our integrated warehouse management system enables the visibility of all products at all times and gives customers the analysed personal data they need to plan their operations, while our dedicated team ensures the quality and security of products in the meantime. We guarantee our customers that we not only find the right solution for their warehousing needs, no matter whether in racks or bulk stow, but also provide an accurate and safe pick and pack service while we continuously look for their greatest possible optimisation.



We pride ourselves with the quality and effectiveness of our integrated Warehouse Management System which serves as the glue between our core functions, our clients and our people.

The system is a fully functional multi-warehousing and client contract logistics software, with powerful inventory control and invoicing modules that can handle Third Party Logistics (3PL), Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) and act as a complete warehousing software application for management, stocktaking and auditing.

We successfully integrated a large and diverse customer base into our technology and can give every customer the option to place their orders via an online portal, rather than calling or emailing us if preferred.

In the face of times when inventory and logistics management have become an increasingly complex challenge, we are able to address questions of flexibility, cost effectiveness and individual requirements.

Our smart system allows us to easily implement best practices, such as wave picking, cross-docking and value-added services and portrays our foundation for a lean and reliable service to every single customer.


At Sorted, our customers’ inventory becomes our focus. Maximising customers’ profitability is therefore our ongoing objective. In order to increase warehouse efficiency, we have a full Inventory Management System integrated within our Warehouse Management System which provides pinpoint, real-time item information at any inventory location throughout any supply chain.

The system enables us, and our customers, to keep an efficient record of products, stock and order requirements while also providing the opportunity to control expiry dates of several products. These key features allow not only for efficient inventory management and effective stock replenishment planning, but also customised analysis and consultation whenever needed to provide the best solution for customers’ individual needs.


Expanding the range of our services, we offer a full cross docking service, because for some clients the best warehousing is no warehousing at all. Obviously this sentiment is impractical, but our service in its various forms provides alternatives to the utopian dream.

Our goal in these operations is to decrease inventory levels for certain customers, focusing on speed and efficiency. This enables our operators to place a newly received order from an inbound vehicle or container directly into a staging area, as opposed to putting the item into a storage location. This is beneficial because it increases the velocity of merchandise and decreases inventory carrying costs. Instead of the typical 60-90 days, our cross-dock operation aims to break down large shipments or combine shipments for delivery within 36 hours, providing you with a flow-through supply-chain pipeline.