Having been born out of the Christchurch earthquake, Sorted has been writing history since 2011. We’ve never looked back, and continue to be the best we can be for our people and customers. We never rest and strive to excel in everything we do by employing the best people in New Zealand and treating our stakeholders the way we want to be treated. We think bold and know the power of the logistics market we trade in whilst we swim against it. We know we’re different, and we’re confident we’re the best.



Our story dates back to the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011, when Kris and Sarah had to relocate their Gumboot, Shoe and Apron manufacturing business, Sandford Industries Limited (2010). As for many other businesses in Christchurch, the earthquake had destroyed the building Sandford Industries was operating from. Having viewed 23 potential new sites around Christchurch, the couple's only option to support the power supply for the machine required to run the manufacturing plant was a 1700m2 warehouse. With the new building being 3 times larger than necessary, Kris had the idea to use this space as a warehouse facility.

After 3 years of success and continuous growth in the industry, Kris decided in May 2014 to share his ownership with Rewi Te Whatu to lead the business. The business flourished and Sorted Logistics made a name for itself. Kris and Rewi had the passion for a business not only warehousing, but also transporting goods and offering clients a full supply chain solution. In September 2015, Kris and Rewi bought WA Brown, a long established medium sized logistics and transport company and merged both companies into one.

Today, Sorted Logistics takes care of over 400 employees in Christchurch and Auckland, has large purpose built facilities in Christchurch and Auckland, our own fleet of trucks and swing lifts, and trusted industry partnerships. We offer great and individual supply chain solutions to every one of our clients, and are committed to building long-lasting relationships internally and externally. We focus on not only providing our services to a varied client base, but improve their logistics solution to the best of our ability. And we do this with pride, responsibility, old-fashioned values, and a work ethic that’s second to none. We call it The Sorted Way


Honesty, pride and respect have always been and will continue to be at the heart of our business. Our team and the relationships, service and value we provide are our secret to success. We nurture an environment that supports trust, wellbeing and growth - both professionally and in our personal lives.

Our Vision

Deliver innovative supply chain solutions

Our Mission

Develop great people who deliver exceptional results

Our Core Values

Be honest, Respect each other, Share the Passion, Take Pride, Work as a team, Create fun.

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With our people being the driving force of our business, we’re highly committed to ensure they will return happy and safe to their families after a hard day’s work. Sorted has developed their own Health and Safety brand KOMS ‘Keeping Our Mates Safe’, turning the commitment into a promise. Everyone who works for us, becomes a part of this promise and watches out for their team mates. To us everyone is equal and plays an integral part in our Sorted family dynamic.